Mardi Gras Mambo

img_1613It’s carnival time down here in southern Louisiana.

Besides the ice chest and folding chairs, my husband and I are bringing something else to the parade route this year – a baby! I’m planing on baby wearing in a front facing carrier but my son drools down the front of it and makes a wet mess. Sooo time to make a Mardi Gras bib!

Since they seem to be all the rage, I decided to go with a bandanna style bib. I used the free pattern from Baby Bandanna Bib. It’s a great a tutorial on how to make it as well.

I did a paper piecing method to sew Mardi Gras colored scraps together. First, cut out the bib pattern on paper and cut out the backing fabric. I used terry cloth for my backing because I have a drool monster.


Now start sewing scraps together using the paper template. I cut all my strips into 2 inch wide pieces, but having a variety of widths would look great too.

img_1591Putting the right sides together, pin to the paper template, sew the seam, then press flat. Repeat until the template is covered.

I like this method because it doesn’t waste very much fabric – you only use enough to cover the template.


Turn the whole thing over and cut out the bib. Remove the paper backing. At this point, I added some decorative top-stitching to give it that Mardi Gras flair.

Pin the top to the backing with right sides together and stitch closed, leaving a gap to turn the bib inside out. I didn’t leave myself enough room to turn it, so this step was a little frustrating. Don’t do this to yourself!


I top-stitched the whole thing after turning it right side. Attach snaps or Velcro and you’re ready for the parade!img_1612



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