Quilted Pillow

I fell in love with a bundle of solid fabrics and desperately wanted a small project I could finish quickly to showcase the fabrics. I used a pattern called ‘Charming Chevron’ by Karen Lewis from issue 43 of Love of Quilting and Patchwork. I’ve had the magazine for awhile, but finally got around to trying … More Quilted Pillow

A Teepee for Grayson

My husband determined our 16 month old needed a teepee for his room. I wasn’t so sure, but he was persistent. I had to wonder, who was the teepee actually for, my son or husband? If you’ve looked at teepees for a child’s room, you’ll notice they can cost $100 – $200 dollars. That’s well … More A Teepee for Grayson


I am thrilled to unveil the finished quilt top for the Bella Skill Builder quilt-along! I’ve immensely enjoyed putting this quilt together block by block. I’m extremely pleased with the finished quilt top. It’s not perfect, but I’m very happy with it nonetheless. I really love the solid colors used on this quilt. My favorite … More Finishing

Lazy Angles

Finally!! This is the last block on the Bella Skill Builder quilt along. Block Number 9 is called Lazy Angles. After completing 8 other blocks, I’d finally reached the last one! I was pretty upset to find out that the last block required a special ruler and no template was provided for those who didn’t … More Lazy Angles

Starburst Block

Block Number 8 of the Bella Skill Builder quilt along was this beautiful Starburst Block. I love this Block because it incorporates all the colors of the quilt into one block. Construction on this one wasn’t bad. I used the template provided because I didn’t have the special ruler they used. Although I am not … More Starburst Block

Half Square Triangles and Quarter Square Triangles

I’ve been furiously trying to complete the blocks on the Bella Skill Builder quilt along. Block Number 7 called Half Square Triangle & Quarter Square Triangle is done! I’ve worked with half square triangles before, so I was very comfortable sewing this block. I used the “create 8 at a time” method for HST and … More Half Square Triangles and Quarter Square Triangles